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Security planning considers how security management practices are designed, implemented, monitored, reviewed and continually improved.  Python can help with all your security planning needs.

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Physical Security Planning

In the security planning process, it's vital to identify which assets require protection and the types of security risks that could compromise those assets. Once identified, Python can then determine what corrective action and remedies must be implemented. Physical security planning takes into account the safety and security of physical property, intellectual property and most importantly, the people of your organization.

During the planning process, Python will identify these vital areas and implement a comprehensive security overlay that takes into account budget and legal liability.  Legal risks can also affect people and property, but need to be considered as a separate category. 


Finally, the security planning process should determine the probability of such occurrences and the impact on the organization if loss should ever occur. These steps are critical to determine how to best protect organizational assets and must be performed periodically. An added benefit of the security planning process is the potential for increased security awareness throughout every level of your organization.


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