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Chief Engineer Pleads To Lying To Coast Guard Inspectors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “This case was resolved through excellent partnership between the regulatory and enforcement divisions of the U.S. Coast Guard and also the dedicated pursuit of justice by the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice,” said Donald G. Lane, Special Agent-in-Charge.  “The Coast Guard Investigative Service is fully committed to investigating and resolving all criminal allegations of violations of environmental and regulatory statutes.”Corpus Christi Day Cruise, Ltd., operator of the M/V Texas Treasure, has pleaded guilty to obstructing a U.S. Coast Guard investigation into whether the ship had illegally discharged waste oil and deliberately bypassed its pollution prevention equipment, the Justice Department announced today.

Vessel Master Arrested for Intoxication by U.S. Coast Guard

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A Ukrainian national employed as Master of the M/V “Leeds Castle” has been arrested and charged with operating a commercial vessel under the influence of alcohol. In a joint statement, Jim Letten, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Rear Adm. Robert Duncan, Commander Eighth Coast Guard District, and Special Agent in Charge Donald G. Lane announced the arrest of Yuriy Roshkalyov.

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Master Charged with Operating Ship While Intoxicated

 November 8, 2004

The Greek master of a commercial ship pleaded guilty and was charged Thursday with operating his vessel while intoxicated.  "This case should send a clear message to all mariners operating in U.S. waters that operating any vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious threat to the safety of other mariners, the general public, and maritime commerce and transportation," said Special Agent-in-Charge Donald G. Lane. "Such behavior will not be tolerated and violations will be enforced to the fullest extent by the U.S. Coast Guard."

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