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Maritime Security

Performed by armed, licensed, uniformed and insured professional security guards specically trained in Maritime related security. Whether protecting and securing a shipping companies assets, a ship’s cargo, or personnel covered by foreign-flag crewing practices, Python’s guards are ready to assist with security and compliance. Due to the complex laws and regulations involved with our ports, Python’s guards are hand-picked, experienced, and each guard has attended a U.S. Coast Guard course on ship terminology, nautical nomenclature, and maritime security (MARSEC) levels and regulations.

Protecting Your Assets

 In today’s marine industry, ensuring security compliance is a complex task - there is much to consider and many ways a security breach can happen.


Security measures not only need to be in place to prevent attempts to undermine the nation’s laws and security, but they also need to be thorough to protect against local and internal threats.

Maritime Security Picture

Ship Security

Python's Targeted Solutions

Small-scale attacks can still be harmful to a marine company and can result in the loss of lives, severe environmental damage or harm to company property. Here are a few of these types of risks.


Python can help:


  • Physical Security of personnel and assets

  • Marine Pollution

  • Internal Threats 

  • Security, Safety and Risk Assessment

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