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School Security & Prevention Methods

Capture the kid, not the shooter!™


Python employs a unique approach to school security.  While it's prudent to "harden up" schools through fencing, checkpoints, guards and other traditional security measures, Python couples these traditional measures with a preventative approach.  Using a one-of-a-kind methodology, Python provides training and education to administrators, faculty and staff in order to identify students who may pose a security threat, and what to do once identification has taken place.   

Identify Vulnerablities

Python can provide services to help schools identify security vulnerabilities by providing a threat assessment that includes a physical assessment of the school facility, existing school security measures, and an evaluation of any threat assessment model(s) used by the school to identify students who may act out with targeted school violence.  

Classroom Lecture

Python - Helping Schools Stay Safe!

With respect to targeted school violence, the United States Secret Service has said, “The analysis suggests that many of these tragedies could have been prevented, and supports the importance of schools establishing comprehensive targeted violence prevention programs as recommended by the Secret Service in Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence.1 This approach is intended to identify students of concern, assess their risk for engaging in violence or other harmful activities, and implement intervention strategies to manage that risk. The threshold for intervention should be low, so that schools can identify students in distress before their behavior escalates to the level of eliciting concerns about safety.” - U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, “Protecting America’s Schools, A U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Targeted School Violence" (2019).  Python Security can help schools establish comprehensive targeted school violence prevention programs.

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